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What’s Included In Your Policy?

Standard Coverage


  • Accident and Injuries
  • Veterinary Exam Fees
  • Diagnostic Treatments
  • Prescription Medications
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Dental Treaments (non-routine)
  • Surgery and Rehab
  • Alternative Therapies
Optional Coverage


  • Behavioural Therapies
  • Loss Due To Theft or Straying
  • Advertising And Reward
  • Boarding Kennel Fees
  • Death And Illness Of Injury
  • Vacation Cancellation
Special coverage enhancements available through insureityourself and InsureBC. Currently, we are licensed to service BC residents only.

Summer’s Story

Summer absolutely adores Nikko. Nikko is a huge part of her family. One day Nikko nearly died when Summer rushed to her local vet with a lower urinary tract blockage. It was, as you can imagine, a horrible time for Summer. The vet even told Summer that if she had waited a few hours longer, she wouldn’t have had a cat.

After Nikko was given a chance to fully recover and home now on a different, better diet, and running around like before.

Do I really need Pet Insurance?

Simply put, you love your pet so you want to make the best decision for them, regardless of cost. As veterinary care becomes more advanced, we’re seeing the costs of care continue to rise. Buying pet insurance can help make sure you’ll always be able to give your pet the best care possible.

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In the event of an unexpected emergency, make sure your pet is covered.