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What’s Included In Your Policy?

Whether you are renting a house, duplex, or apartment, purchasing renters insurance can be tricky.
To help you understand exactly what you’re buying, we’ve listed what your policy covers.

Personal Belongings

This coverage protects your personal belongings. It could be your favourite items such as, jewelry, watches, or the stuff that you forgot you even had such as older books, DVD’s or even coin collections.

Personal Liability

Personal Liability coverage provides protection for you and anyone who may visit your place who may be unintentionally injured while inside your home.

Sewer Backup

A flood of sewage entering your apartment can be dangerous to your health and quite costly to repair. This coverage is designed to help protect you in the event of damage as a direct result of your sewer backing-up.

Additional Living Expense

This element of your tenant policy covers the cost of alternate accommodations and living expenses in case you are prohibited from returning home or because your is unlivable as a result of insured loss.

Earthquake (Optional)

Everyone says that we will experience BC’s ‘big one’ in our lifetime. And if it does happen, don’t you want to be prepared? For a small additional monthly fee, you can purchase Earthquake coverage and enjoy peace of mind knowing you are covered for a loss or damage caused by an Earthquake.

Download a copy of the wordings here to see the full range of coverages included in your policy. Currently, we are licensed to service BC residents only.

Sam’s Story

When Sam was in college and got his first apartment rented, his dad told him, “Always be sure to get renter’s insurance.” He took his parents advice and made sure he has the coverage and protection he might need in case of an emergency. He also asked his roommate if he would do the same thing. And, like most college kids would, his roommate promptly declined that suggestion.

It was a good call for Sam and a bad decision for his roommate! When he got back from winter break his freshman year, his apartmnet had been broken into – his TV, his roommate’s computer, and other personal items were gone. Most apartment complexes and landlords only have insurance that covers the damage to the actual dwelling, which leaves everything of his – electronics, furniture, clothes, whatever – vulnerable. As a result, Sam’s roomate was slapped with the bill to replace them.

Do I really need Renter’s Insurance?

Yes! You need a renter’s policy to cover your own belongings and replace them when unfortunate things happen. You may not think your stuff is worth much, but if you lose it all, can you afford to replace everything?

If you are still not sure whether you need renter’s insurance, have a look at our blog.

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