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Receive a copy of your policy via email, while you’re waiting to board your flight. We have proudly partnered with TuGo, one of Canada’s leading Travel Insurance providers. With over 50 years of experience, TuGo has been named one of Canada’s best-managed companies. Through our partnership, we’ve protected thousands of people with travel insurance worldwide.

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What’s Included In Your Policy?

Available as a Single Plan trip, our Visitors to Canada holiday package provides comprehensive travel medical insurance coverage for travelers who want it all.

Emergency Medical Treatment

Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Accidental Death & Disemberment

Non-Medical Package

Visitors to Canada Package

Non-Medical Package

Visitors to Canada Package

Exclusive coverage enhancements only available through insureityourself and InsureBC. Download a copy of the wordings here to see the full range of coverages included. Currently, we are licensed to service BC residents only.

Sakura’s Story

Sakura enjoys traveling whenever she can. Since she was young, she’s loved exploring the world, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Finally, she decided to travel to the Rocky Mountains in Canada, a destination she had wanted to visit for a long time. Her friend, Minami, studies in Vancouver, BC, so they decided to goto the Rocky Mountains together. Although Sakura has traveled a lot, she had never thought of purchasing travel insurance. She thought the insurance wasn’t necessary but this time purchased it through InsureBC after Minami strongly recommended getting it before coming to Canada.

Shortly after arriving to Canada, Sakura began experiencing some extreme abdominal pains and Minami took her to the doctors’ who suggested visiting the hospital. At the hospital Sakura was given a CT scan revealing she was having an appendicitis attack. She was immediately taken to the operating room and her appendix was removed. She was discharged the next day with Tylenol 3.

Do I really need Visitors to Canada Insurance?

Canada’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world, however if you’re not a Canadian resident you won’t be covered, and medical costs including dental care, can be expensive. Recently the Canadian government has come to formally recommend that all visitors buy health coverage before exploring Canada.

Do you want to read more about why? Check our blogs!

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