Personal Property

While your landlord’s policy covers their rental property you are renting from them, it won’t protect your own belongings inside. That’s what a renter’s policy is for and it’s important you know exactly what your policy does and does not cover.
Yes! You have coverage for : 
  • All personal property that you own, wear or use while on your premises.
  • Any dwelling improvements and betterments that you have made to the place or have acquired at your expense as a non-owner.
  • Personal property while temporarily away from your premises, anywhere in the world.
  • Personal belongings of any student insured by this policy who is temporarily living away from home for the purpose of attending school, college or university.
personal property
Hang on, you do not have coverage for : 
  • Most motorized vehicles (or their equipment)
  • Camper units, truck caps, trailers, or their equipment
  • Aircraft or their equipment
  • A small number of other items
But, there may also be some special limits of insurance, including : 
  • Jewelry, watches, gems, fur garments
  • Numismatic property (ie. coin collections)
  • Collectible cards, books, securities, cash cards
  • Bicycles (and its equipment and accessories)
  • Computer software
  • And more!
We recommend that you check your policy wordings in detail to make sure you are familiar with what coverage you have in place.

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